November 2011

Hall of Fame

The modern hockey player’s diet

The sport of hockey is as physically demanding as it is exhausting, which means that it will inevitably take its tolls on the players that play it. As a result, any players who plan on playing the game for the long term fight back with a strong focus on nutrition and the good they put back in their body after a gruelling practice. TheGP Hockey teams up with Victoria Mikhail to explain.


Boise State’s Cinderella story, without a happy ending so far

The Boise State Broncos have the makings of a fairy tale, but minus the key component of a Disney-fied version; the happy ending. Instead, their story reads more like something that might have been put together by the Brothers Grimm. The Broncos are always searching for an invitation to the ball of the BCS championship, but despite the attractiveness of their undefeated records, a flawed system keeps on passing over them in favor of stepsisters who come from wealthier conferences. TheGP Football tells the tale.


The Ilya Kovalchuk contract conundrum

The Ilya Kovalchuk contract conundrum of 2010 is something NHL purists have happily pushed to the back of their minds. For the New Jersey Devils, however, the summer-long charade that turned into one of the most substantial contracts in hockey history will always be of concern – especially when the superstar who signed it isn’t living up to his reputation.


The fall of Turner Gill

It wasn’t long ago when Turner Gill was one of the most talked about coaching names in college football. Coming off a series of impressive years with the University at Buffalo, Gill had seemingly established himself as one of the game’s hottest commodities. Just three years later, however, the coach’s stock is anything but hot.


Delmon Young’s return to prominence

The Detroit Tigers aren’t exactly hard up for newsworthy stories (what with Justin Verlander on the mound, Miguel Cabrera in the batter’s box and Jim Leyland holding the reins in the club’s smoke-stained dugout), but late in the 2011 campaign they may have gained another. TheGP Baseball explores the validity of Delmon Young’s return to prominence.