April 2012


Further Notes on Sacramento and Seattle

After we thought it was all said and done, the Sacramento Kings story has re-emerged with a vengeance. The shaky marriage between Maloofs and the NBA seems to be over and the state of the Kings’ future hangs in the balance. With so much drama, can a respectable basketball team emerge in the future?


Kevin Love for MVP… Or not

A lot of people are pushing for Kevin Love to win MVP honors this year, but if you ask our Mark Milner, those people are nuts. Love him or hate him – LeBron James is performing at a level far beyond that of Love, and he’s doing it on a winning team, too. He breaks down the numbers for you.


Dewayne Wise: Earning his pinstripes

Dewayne Wise was a spring training invitee of the New York Yankees, and while he was not expected to make the team, he’s hopeful that he’ll don Yankee pinstripes at some point this season. It’ll be a tough challenge to rise the depth chart, but the MLB veteran has a few tricks up his new sleeves.


The Former Franchise: Jeff Clement

Jeff Clement was one of the top draft picks in the 2005 MLB Draft but, unlike those selected around him, his career hasn’t gone according to plan. Several injuries and an embarassing trade has left the former high school record holder with a lot to prove – in Pittsburgh of all places – and he’ll have a heck of a hard time doing it.


MLB through the eyes of a couch potato: American League

*** Missed Part 1 of this feature? You should probably read it, too! *** Baltimore Orioles – Whitney The Orioles haven’t even sniffed the postseason over the last decade, failing to develop prospects, trade assets or create any semblance of a contender. And it’s never a surprise, everyone except for those wearing the uniforms or signing the checks know the team won’t succeed. Whitney’s unoriginal premise and bland jokes also seemed destined to fail, and…


Breaking down the NHL playoff system

The NHL playoff format is flawed. Teams who win their divisions are guaranteed a top-three seeding and this year, the problems with such a system are highlighted, as teams like Florida and whoever the hell wins the Pacific Division are guaranteed home ice for at least two rounds. Could the NHL be doing things better?