November 2012


A case of revenue sharing gone wrong

As the baseball world continues to stare in shock and awe at the blockbuster 12-player trade between Miami and Toronto, many have voiced their opinions on just how this seemingly lopsided deal could take place. Are the last-place Marlins in need of a rebuild already? Did the Blue Jays pull off one of the greatest heists in history? Or is this simply a matter of an owner up to his old tricks and looking to pocket as much cash as he can?


The Stanley Cup Stigma

With each year’s ceremonial Hockey Hall of Fame inductions, the debates regarding Hall-worthy players re-ignite. One of the most contentious issues regarding HoF eligibility revolves around whether or not the player in question won the Stanley Cup. Among this year’s four inductees, only one wears a championship ring. Is it time to end this debate once and for all?


The American Stallion and the Grey Cup

The CFL is proudly touted as Canada’s brand of football. Heck, it’s in the name. But as the 100th awarding of the Grey Cup is celebrated this month, Eric Rosenhek looks back to 1995 when the Baltimore Stallions became the first and only American franchise to win Canada’s coveted trophy – only to relocate to Montreal in the following offseason.


The NBA Social Media Awards

In today’s NBA landscape, social media is king. Knowing how to brand yourself on Twitter and Facebook can make your appeal to the fans skyrocket, which is why the Association has decided to award players who are savvy enough to do so. These awards are highly competitive, which makes watching the races and predictions even more exciting that those boring old MVP and Rookie of the Year awards.


AHL to NHL success in a post-lockout world

With the ongoing NHL lockout, many of the game’s top young players have returned to the American Hockey League for another year of seasoning. Based on the lockout of 2004-05, many teams saw significant improvements in goal differentials when play resumed. Can we take anything from that year and predict how teams like the Oilers or the Hurricanes will do when the NHL finally resumes?


Stern: Driving the boat no more

When David Stern announced that he would retire as NBA Commissioner in 2014, he caught many off guard. It seems like he’s been the man in charge forever, and envisioning a world without Stern is tough to do. Who will succeed him? What will the NBA look like? What will Stern’s legacy be? One thing’s for sure: nobody will ever truly replace David Stern.