June 2013


An Open Letter to Nerlens Noel’s Dumb Hair

Five years ago, Austin Kent published an open letter addressed to Greg Oden’s neck beard. Five years later he exhibits a glaring lack of development both in terms of maturity and the quality of his content. No matter, sometimes we can tell a lot about an individual by the way they choose to wear their hair. Sometimes it’s the only thing holding them back.


The Inseparable: Sport and Destiny

The city of Boston was torn apart in April, shocked by the actions of two men in the Boston Marathon bombing. In the months following, sports fans and Beantown residents in general have rallied, their support for each other exemplified in the 2013 Stanley Cup run of the Boston Bruins – the embodiment of the toughness and spirit of the city. This is destiny. This is sports.


The Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2013 NBA Draft

The Cleveland Cavaliers made history recently by becoming only the second team in NBA history to win the first pick in the draft two times in three years. The Cavs could make history again at the 2013 NBA Draft by becoming the first team to trade the first overall pick since the Orlando Magic dealt away Chris Webber back in 1993. Gerard Spalding considers their options.


Shaka Smart and the mid-major contender

While college basketball lore is filled with stories of underdog programs rising to great heights under the national spotlight of March Madness, the reasons such teams are considered underdogs in the first place is because they have no proven track record of success. These days, coaches like Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens are giving their previously unheralded programs the stability needed in order to contend year in and year out.


Daniel Alfredsson: History Made

The Ottawa Senators might not be the most decorated NHL franchise of our generation, but that doesn’t take away from the organization that team captain Daniel Alfredsson has built from the ground up. With 17 seasons under his belt, including 13 wearing the C, Alfredsson has risen to the occasion as one of the sport’s greats.


Biogenesis, steroids and a Ryan Braun suspension?

It looks like Major League Baseball finally got their man, and 19 others to boot. Following the 2011 season Ryan Braun was named National League MVP. Later still in 2011, word leaked to ESPN that Braun had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and would receive a 50-game suspension to begin 2012. The case was dropped on a technicality then, but has come back to haunt him.


The Triumphant Return of Home Cooking

Whether it’s the typical grinding marathon or this year’s furious sprint, every point earned during the regular season is gained with the hope of not just making the playoffs, but securing home-ice advantage. The Presidents’ Trophy is valuable not because anyone truly cares who won the regular season, but because it ensures the ever so important advantage in every round of the playoffs. This year, more than in year’s past, we’re seeing why it makes such a difference.


Inside the Spurs Dynasty

Dynasty is defined as a powerful group or family that maintains its position for a considerable time. It is seemingly difficult, then, to argue against the fact that these San Antonio Spurs are, and should be considered, as such. Over the past 15 years, San Antonio has compiled an 832-350 (.704) record. Dwayne Riley-Grant considers why.


Mississauga Humane Society – 2013 Starlight Soiree

Looking to purchase more than one individual ticket for the Mississauga Humane Society Starlight Soiree on July 19th? Tickets 1 Ticket – $40.00 CAD2 Tickets – $80.00 CAD3 Tickets – $120.00 CAD4 Tickets – $160.00 CAD5 Tickets – $200.00 CAD6 Tickets – $240.00 CAD7 Tickets – $280.00 CAD8 Tickets – $320.00 CAD9 Tickets – $360.00 CAD10 Tickets – $400.00 CAD


LeBron James does it again, again

Just when you think LeBron James is done making a case for himself as one of the NBA’s greats, he raises the bar. While the Miami Heat have their backs against the wall against the Indiana Pacers, the nerve-wracking 2013 postseason has only revealed more about just how singlehandedly dominant King James can be when he needs to.