Articles by Allen Law


Redefining basketball’s blueprint with Terrence Williams

Basketball played at the highest level is, maybe, the most beautiful of sports. Unlike football, golf or baseball, the game ebbs and flows naturally, and, unlike hockey or soccer, for almost every excellent play there is a reward. Maybe there aren’t stats for great picks or active hands interrupting passing lanes, but more often than not they will result in a bucket or steal. But rewards are not so usual in the case of sports…


The Death of Allen Iverson

We’ve all struggled with the global recession, there’s no denying that fact. Even sports, once considered a recession-proof industry, are struggling to keep attendance up. Almost every team is actively pursuing payroll cuts, and this trend is most noticeable in the NBA. With so many teams facing serious financial troubles, it’s simply no longer sensible to overpay for production or players who can’t put butts in the seats. But if the recession has sucker-punched NBA…