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The Times and Life of Larry Hughes: A Biography in Reverse

Let’s talk Larry Hughes, and I mean let’s really talk Larry Hughes, from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. Hughes may not have ever ended up being the next Michael Jordan, or even an NBA superstar by most definitions, but that doesn’t mean his story isn’t still one of the most inspiring of our generation. You just have to tell it in reverse.


The Tristan Thompson Breakfast Slam

Never mind the fact that we spent 45 unsuccessful minutes trying to accurately describe his jump shot, or that he hails from a Canadian suburb known more for being misinterpreted as the birthplace of Wayne Gretzky than anything significant, Tristan Thompson has spent the past two months emerging as an NBA star. That’s right, star.


On Andre Drummond and Quarter-Life Crises

Andre Drummond is a bloody fascinating figure. Sometimes though, as we get older, it gets harder and harder to express the appreciation we have for our favorite athletes. Austin Kent takes a therapeutic look at his relationship with the first-year Pistons big man, what exactly Dre means for the Detroit franchise, and – perhaps most importantly – how to actually root for a professional athlete like a full-fledged adult.


Lost in the Stack: What Jerry Stackhouse means to our generation

Jerry Stackhouse is an aspiring NBA coach nearing the end of a long and eventful career. Will it be his experience playing with a young Allen Iverson, spearheading a revolution with the Detroit Pistons, sharing time on the wing with an aging Michael Jordan or playing in the NBA Finals with the Dallas Mavericks that will help him most as he transitions from on the court to the sidelines? The man’s got history.


The Tank that Lost the Battle

The Toronto Raptors haven’t exactly put together a 2011-12 campaign for the ages, but that doesn’t mean it was all a wash. As the regular season draws to a close fans are left scratching their heads when the club competes for critical wins down the stretch. Any victories, of course, only reduce the franchise’s NBA Draft odds. Are late season wins harmful for lottery-bound teams? Spoiler alert: no.


The Yi-nsanity Continues

Is it better to have personally and emotionally invested in the prospective success of an unorthodoxly generational hero and lost than to have never done so at all? We take a good hard look at the cultural impact Yi Jianlian has had on the NBA this month. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Other Sports

End Game: When there’s nowhere to go but soccer practice

The snow-soaked streets of Hamilton, Ontario are miserable enough this time of year, colder still without the luxury of a consistent address to call home. Sadly, life on the streets – or the looming threat thereof – is a distinct reality for far too many. One organization, the local branch of Street Soccer Canada, has joined the fight, using the power of sport to heal a community.