Articles by Brian Huddle


Winnipeg, Atlanta, and a roster on the move

Are they or aren’t they? And when? Those are the questions circulating through the minds of Winnipeggers as they await the future of the Atlanta Thrashers organization. Rumors surfaced after a May 19 article by the Globe and Mail‘s Stephen Brunt detailing what seemed to be an inevitable move. Chaos ensued through social media, as experts and fans argued over its merit. It claimed that a deal was already in place to move the Thrashers up to the 49th parallel….


Duncan Siemens and the hard-nosed life

Teenagers growing up in the greater-Edmonton area often fantasize about what it would feel like to follow in the footsteps of past NHL greats. This is particularly the case for many aspiring prospects born in the early-to-mid 1990s, who arrived to the world just after several Stanley Cup runs by the Gretzky-led Edmonton Oilers less than a decade earlier. However, there are always different variations of fantasies and idolizations – like Sherwood, Alberta native and Saskatoon Blade, Duncan Siemens. While he considers the…


John Gibson, the 2011 NHL Draft’s top goalie

The Canadian Hockey League has dominated the top prospects scene for as long as anyone can remember. With countless NHL stars coming out of their programs over the years, it’s no wonder the major junior circuit in Canada is considered the go-to source for talent when the NHL Entry Draft rolls around each June. Coming in a close second has always been the NCAA, a respectable, white-collar alternative to the CHL. Over the past decade though, the United…