Articles by Dwayne Riley-Grant


Canada Basketball approaching Golden Age

During Canada Basketball’s introductory press conference, general manager Steve Nash referred to the current state of Canadian basketball as the “golden age” for the nation in the sport. Just 10 years ago, hardcore, patriotic basketball fans keenly focused in on the status of Canadian ballers like Carl English and Aaron Doornekamp. Dwayne Riley-Grant explains how much can change in a decade.


Circle of Life Forges on in NBA

It’s been a busy week for Boston Celtics fans. Even before the blockbuster deal was announced that would send Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn, their own bench boss had signed on for a new opportunity with the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s the end of an era in Beantown, no doubt, but are things finally getting started for Chris Paul, Blake Rivers and the Clips?


Inside the Spurs Dynasty

Dynasty is defined as a powerful group or family that maintains its position for a considerable time. It is seemingly difficult, then, to argue against the fact that these San Antonio Spurs are, and should be considered, as such. Over the past 15 years, San Antonio has compiled an 832-350 (.704) record. Dwayne Riley-Grant considers why.


The New and Improved Amir Johnson

Every team has that one character guy, the one who is the glue of the team, the heart and soul. It’s not necessarily always about the numbers, or the amount of All-Star appearances, but the intangibles. Amir Johnson is that guy for the Toronto Raptors. Dwayne Riley-Grant explains just how far the young big man has come in 2012-13.


The Mishandling of Andrea Bargnani

There was no clear consensus No. 1 pick for the 2006 NBA Draft. There was no highly touted prospect that rival teams were clamouring over. Yes, Adam Morrison led Gonzaga to a memorable run in March Madness that year, and also led the nation in scoring. Scouts and execs throughout the league wondered aloud whether his lack of athleticism and all-around game would hamper his success once he was drafted. Ditto for J.J. Redick. And then there’s Andrea Bargnani.


How to Value Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco headed into this season without a guaranteed contract for next season and beyond. Fast forward to today; Flacco and his Baltimore Ravens are preparing to square off against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. Are we ready to call him elite yet?


Toronto doesn’t need Vince, not now or ever

Vince Carter recently let it be known that he would like to finish his career where it started – with the Toronto Raptors. While it may be a nice personal goal, does he fit in with the defensively-deficient Canadian squad? Carter has been known to not give his all during games, and if there’s one thing Toronto needs on the court, it’s a player who’s capable of pushing his limits each and every night.