Articles by Lucas Di Giovanni


The New Orleans Pelicans: What’s in a Name?

Logos, mascots, and team colors are all extremely important factors in creating a sports team’s identity. There have been some teams that have managed to become far more popular than others simply based on the fact that more people want to wear their merchandise. When the New Orleans Hornets announced that they’ll be changing their team name to the Pelicans they accepted the task of totally reinventing their marketing identity.


Cliff Fletcher and his Janitorial Failure

During the Toronto Maple Leafs’ extended stint outside the playoffs, they made a change at General Manager. After John Ferguson Jr. but before Brian Burke, Cliff Fletcher was brought in to clean up the mess. Instead, the interim GM arguably took a bad situation and made it worse, and the Leafs have been stuck in a vicious cycle of failure ever since.


The Flame that never flickered

Time is running out for the veteran Calgary Flames if they hope to capitalize on the fast-shrinking windows of Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff. On good days the aged pair are enough to guide the stagnant club to wins in the tough Western Conference, but they’ll need to find other signs of success if they hope to squeeze back into the playoffs.


Following in Lou’s footsteps: The NHL head coach turnstile

Coaching at the National Hockey League level has never been easy, but the roles that individual bench staffs play with their teams have always been largely influenced by the cultures of the organizations for whom they work, almost as much as their production on the ice. Just look at the New Jersey Devils and the culture established by general manager Lou Lamoriello when it comes to the bench boss of the franchise. Since taking the…