Articles by Rob Boudreau


An unlikely rematch of Super Bowl XLVI

Last year’s Super Bowl did not exactly go according to plan; at least not for the Patriots. This year, they’re primed for another playoff run while the defending champions are spinning their wheels as they battle for a division title. While a rematch in this year’s big game is a longshot, it’s one worth hoping for to see if the Patriots can enact revenge on the unlikely Giants.


Driving up the interest while driving down the odds

For some, sitting back and watching a favorite team is enough to get them through the day, but for many others, something else is needed. Enter sports betting. Whether you like it or not, gambling on sports raises the interest in a game or event to a new level. Trying to predict the outcome makes the game itself more exciting. And the Toronto Blue Jays have recently positioned themselves as one of the most exciting teams in baseball.


All-Star Twins have eyes set on Toronto

Spring Training is meant to be a time for players to regain whatever shape they may have lost in the offseason. For the Minnesota Twins, nothing could be further from the truth. Right now, three of the biggest Twin names are coming back from various injuries. Joe Mauer had off season surgery on his left knee, Joe Nathan missed all of 2010 after having Tommy John surgery, and Justin Morneau is recovering from a concussion…


Anthopoulos and the new-look Blue Jays

The 2011 Toronto Blue Jays are entering a new era. GM Alex Anthopoulos has had over a year on the job now and the team is already starting to look like his team. The remnants of the previous regime in all its forms have been shed and now its time to look forward. Anthopoulos’ first order of business was to trade ace Roy Halladay. Everybody knew it was coming, but what Anthopoulos managed to get…


It’s not all Phil Kessel’s fault

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the very definition of an “up and down” team. If they’re not running a two-game winning streak, they’re dropping three in a row. As soon as they rattle off four straight, they turn around and lose six of seven. As frustrating as this is for fans in Toronto, it has to be worse for the players, especially Phil Kessel. After being branded as the franchise player before he even flew…


Islanders prospects numb pain in New York

The phrase “kick ’em when they’re down” seems tame, sadly, when applied to the New York Islanders this season. Things just aren’t going so well in Long Island. The new year, in particular, has gone poorly for the Isles, and that’s even considering that many thought they would stumble along all season and be a sure-bet for a high lottery pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. To look at the team’s injury report for…


The franchise-shattering swing of Francisco Cabrera

Francisco Cabrera killed the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is how he did it. With a 2-0 ninth-inning lead in Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series, the Pirates were on the brink of eliminating the Atlanta Braves and heading off to Toronto to face the powerful Blue Jays in the World Series. The Braves had managed to scrape out a run and load the bases while giving up two of their final three outs…


The “most winningest” team in baseball

With 26 World Series championships, the New York Yankees are by far the most successful franchise in professional sports, and certainly the “most winningest” in baseball. With a 24.07 Championship Winning Percentage, the Yankees have proven themselves time and time again. If you name some of the greatest players in history, there’s a good chance they wore the Yankee pinstripes. Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth. The list goes…


The “most winningest” team in basketball

Last week the NFL showed us what parity can do to a league. This week, we’ll see the exact opposite. The National Basketball Association is the youngest of the four major sports by over 25 years, yet two of the most successful franchises in sports history can arguably lay claim to the title of “most winningest”. It’s the clash of the titans; The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. Combined, the two franchises hold…