C.J. McCollum and Portland’s Next Generation

Nobody knew quite what to expect out of the Portland Trail Blazers this season, with the exception, perhaps, that one could have reasonably expected to at least expect the unexpected. Such is life, we can all agree, when a veteran team that had defied expectations for several seasons goes sadly but swiftly the way of nature, imploding in upon itself like a dying star. The Blazers were a force in the Western Conference from 2013 to 2015,…


Clint Capela’s Stock Rising in Houston

The train of efficient power forwards and centers that have played for Daryl Morey’s Rockets is a long one, but of those intriguing bigs, the latest and perhaps most exciting of the bunch is Clint Capela. The 21-year-old came out of nowhere during Houston’s playoff run last season, establishing himself as a defensive asset worthy of quality minutes under the spotlight of a postseason series against the eventual champions. Not bad. Such past postseason heroics…


Yao Zingis: Is Kristaps Porzingis a generational talent?

Kristaps Porzingis is a fleet-footed, vengeful beast with ice water in his veins,  an abomination straight from the depths of the most savage Breaking Madden-esque Create-A-Player Dream World the basketball community has seen since Yao Ming. These, of course, are both good things but the best thing about the fourth overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft is that he’s done so with the demeanor that he’s done it with. We’re one month into an NBA…


John Wall: The Place Beyond The Peers

We live in a golden age of point guard talent, part of the reason why the NBA has fared as well as it has over the course of the past decade. It’s a time when the sport’s biggest heroes come in its smallest packages, when the beloved role models of our youth are no taller or bigger than the very adults that they’ll one day become (provided that they eat their greens, of course). We just witnessed…


Rookie Monster: Julius Randle Tries Again

While there were a concerning number of future NBA stars once considered legitimate alternatives to Andrew Wiggins for the No. 1 pick in the 2014 Draft that quickly fell out of the Rookie of the Year conversation altogether due to unforeseen circumstances, the one that we’re most excited about heading into the 2015-16 campaign is Julius Randle. Randle, a thick big with soft hands and a nose for the ball, came up limping less than 15 minutes…


Most Viewed NBA Profiles of 2014-15

Perhaps the best thing to come out of The Good Point’s merger with – yes, even better than the exponentially larger platform for us to ramble on about Darko Milicic – is that the fantasy giant has given the online magazine a first class ticket into the inner-psyche of a hoops fan. Consider this, while outlets like Reddit, Twitter and blog comment sections give journalists an idea of what NBA junkies want to talk about, through…


What to expect from Karl-Anthony Towns

The Minnesota Timberwolves were one of the most intriguing teams in basketball last season even before the arrival of Karl-Anthony Towns, but the addition of the second (wait, third) consecutive first overall pick makes the northern franchise that much more appealing. This isn’t an article about Andrew Wiggins‘ development or the highlight reel production value of Zach Lavine‘s mere existence, it’s not a treatment for a buddy cop film starring Kevin Garnett and Anthony Bennett either (although…


The Political Afterlife of Darko Milicic

Darko Milicic is a memorable personality for reasons other than being one of the least productive second overall draft picks in NBA history. He’s always been a little bit more bold and more brash than we’d expect a bust to be. Imagine if we watched Kwame Brown rip his jersey apart in the middle of a game or Michael Olowakandi unload on an international officiating team in a profanity-laced tirade. But that’s just it, we…


2014 Scaringi Winter Classic

Preview Untie Me Please! Saturday, 12.27.2014 / 6:13 PM NIAGARA FALLS, ON – The White & Dark squads will each be gunning for a victory as they square off at the Gale Centre for their traditional holiday tilt, the 7th annual Scaringi Winter Classic. Manned by a pair of brand-new Captains, each club will have extra motivation heading into Saturday night’s matchup after the team’s last meeting ended in a 14-all tie. It was exactly…


Trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love is a terrible idea

I like Kevin Love as much of the next guy. Really, I do. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen the NBA media get so protective of a player and his value. I think they’re wrong. The most recent Love trade rumors circulating the internet revolve around Love heading to Cleveland in exchange for Andrew Wiggins. The Cavs are reluctant to deal the No. 1 overall pick and yet people can’t seem to understand why….