Moneyball movie: Important Stats with Demetri Martin

Just when you thought deadpan comedy and the sexification of advanced baseball research would never join forces, Demetri Martin landed an acting gig playing alongside Brad Pitt in the film adaptation of Moneyball. Yes. A Moneyball movie. Alright, background information. Over six years ago, best-selling author Michael Lewis told the tale of Oakland Athletics general […]

Hall of Fame

The Death of the Cooperall

Deep in the Carolina Hurricanes’ vast collection of promotional photos is a picture of a young Ron Francis. The future hall-of-famer, decked out in the colours of the Hartford Whalers, is seen jumping in the air after scoring a goal against the Philadelphia Flyers. What makes the photo unique isn’t the person or the play. […]


The Penguin that forgot to smile

When was the last time you saw Mario Lemieux smile? Before last night’s 3-2 overtime Penguins win over the Washington Capitals, you might have been hard-pressed to think of the answer. But even after Kristopher Letang found the back of the net, Lemieux was only seen giving a quick head nod to his team down […]

Hall of Fame

Wayne Gretzky’s life in retirement

As Wayne Gretzky skated around the ice during his final NHL match, there was celebration and sadness wafting through Madison Square Garden. The historic career of “The Great One” was coming to an end. It was a vocation that captivated hockey fans in Canada and the United States. The number 99 became iconic. Children of […]


Destiny Revealed: Starring John Tavares

If John Tavares goes to the Toronto Maple Leafs, will the world collapse? You may have wondered this yourself. You’re not alone. We here at The Good Point laboratories like to consider ourselves experts on each; scientists of both the known and undiscovered. Whether you consider this Slurpee-induced November diatribe to be of any particular […]