Penguins and Wings wage war for NHL dynasty

What does it take to really call a team a dynasty? Back-to-back championships? Or does a team have to win three in a row or three in four years? In the NHL, dynasties are recognized in the Hockey Hall of Fame and, to date, there are nine inductees. With back-to-back Stanley Cup Final appearances, both […]


A Long Road for Eric Hinske

In just his second at bat as a New York Yankee, Eric Hinske took a fifth inning offering from the Toronto Blue Jays’ Ricky Romero and sent it into the right field foul pole at new Yankee Stadium. Having been recently acquired from the Pittsburgh Pirates with cash for minor leaguers Eric Fryer and Casey […]

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Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course: History revisited

For the fourth time in history, the grounds that once served as the holding for the Lords of Galloway during the Middle Ages, will play backdrop to golf’s most historic tournament as Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course hosts the 138th Open Championship this week. Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course first hosted the Open Championship in 1977 with […]


Behind the frenzy of hockey’s free agency

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke will be able to tell anyone about the thoroughbred details of free agency, the frustration and downright insanity of it all when it comes to simply attracting a player’s signature. Some of those players don’t even have to be in the same league, as he went to incredible […]

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Ranking North America’s All-Star games

All-Star games have taken on a special significance for athletes, coaches, journalists and fans. It provides a time to reflect on everything that has occurred so far in a sport’s respective season and what needs to be achieved in the future. Most of all, they allow the best of the best to showcase their talents […]


Draft Day, featuring the American Dream

Basketball, like life, is all about those few poignant moments that are miraculously able to overshadow all of the hard work, the sweat and the disappointment otherwise known as our everyday existence. It is the anticipation of such moments that motivates us to get up each morning and to keep trying; keep striving for some […]

Hall of Fame

The Fall and Rise of Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick. Just hearing those two words brings many different thoughts or feelings to mind, depending on what side of the tennis fence you sit. Fans of Roddick see him as strong, charismatic, and, although sometimes very outspoken, one of the best players in the game right now. Others see him as a whiny, mentally […]


Aaron Hill toils with history

When it comes to the All-Star voting, American fans often forget about the Toronto Blue Jays. So, when the starters for this year’s American League All-Star team were announced on Sunday, it was a pleasant surprise to see Aaron Hill’s name, even though he is the league’s most deserving second baseman. Although his numbers have […]


Most Valuable Memories: NBA 2008-09

When we look back at the 2008-09 season we’re all going to remember the NBA Finals, the fact that the Cavs didn’t advance and that the Lakers did. We’ll remember the box scores from mid-December and the highlights of the year packaged neatly for future consumption. So many aspects of the season will live on […]


The gory details of Tommy John surgery

Although they are prone to a variety of injuries, there is one particular injury that pitchers desperately try to avoid. It involves three words that strike fear in the heart of any hurler: Tommy John surgery. The infamous procedure is considered to be very serious as it involves a long period of recovery. However, it […]