August 2010


AFC Preview 2010

With the start of the season just around the corner, there’s no better time to dust off my prediction hat and see what the upcoming NFL year has in store. As opposed to giving a full season preview for every team (who honestly hasn’t already read at least half a dozen of those?), I’ll be handing out a single note (and maybe a bonus here and there) for fans of each team to keep their…


Turkoglu and Toronto: just a load of ball

Q: “You came out early tonight; aggressive. What was different tonight in terms of setting the tone of your game, in this game?” A: “Ball.” – Hedo Turkoglu, in a TSN interview after a 106-104 win over the New York Knicks. “Ball.” A demand for a bigger role. An explanation for why his team won. A command to his teammates – I’m the guy who gets to bring it up, not you. “Ball.” A commercial…

Other Sports

Shooting the breeze with four Olympic medalists

Back in March of this year, if one were to research Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery on Wikipedia, they may have been surprised to find that the skeleton racer’s profile opened with “Jon Montgomery is totally awesome in every way.” It may be the case that the Russell, Manitoba native is “awesome in every way” (as if such a thing could be measured), to think that someone thought so highly of him that they would…


Perfect with the mitt: Baseball’s forgotten streak

The game of baseball is a bit of a glitch in the world of sports. For some peculiar reason, there is no game that values statistics quite to the same degree as baseball. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to discover an activity of any kind that competes with America’s pastime on the statistic-loving level. There is just something about the surplus of calculations in the 200-year-old game that deeply intrigues fans, players and analysts….