The Changing of the Manager

It’s been a bad year for managers. News broke on Thursday of Sparky Anderson’s death at 76. Bobby Cox retired as the Braves’ skipper at the end of the season, as did the Toronto Blue Jays’ Cito Gaston and Lou Piniella of the Cubs back in July. With their retirements marks the end of a […]


Ron Artest and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Six years ago, the world was a different place. Barack Obama wasn’t president, Miley Cyrus was 11 years old and Dwight Howard didn’t look like a sentient robot created by the US Army in an attempt to construct a military weapon capable of singlehandedly ending the war on terrorism. Hurricane Katrina hadn’t ruined the gulf […]


Bird is the Word

A little over a decade ago, the wonderful city known as Atlanta, Georgia stumbled into the National Hockey League. During the NHL’s so-called expansion phase of the late 20th century, the vibrancy of Georgia’s state capital seemed an appropriate locale to nest the league’s 28th franchise. As is generally the norm for a club with […]


Retirement is for babies; a tribute to Brett Favre

Brett Favre should play professional football until his heart stops beating. The fate of the Minnesota Vikings quarterback has been a heated topic for the last week and it seems every single commentator paid to commentate on the Nauseating Football League has suggested it’s time for Favre to retire (again). It makes me sick! Brett […]