Slip-ups, slurs and the state of sexuality in the NBA

There have been a lot of words about words this spring, especially in NBA circles. Words uttered in anger, words yelled in frustration, words said like a joke. Words that hurt, words that annoy and words that result in a fine and a public tongue-lashing. But mostly, words seem to inspire more words. The words […]


From YouTube to the Memorial Cup: The Tomas Jurco story

As his overjoyed teammates raced to hug family members after hoisting the Memorial Cup high above their heads, 2011 NHL Entry Draft top prospect Tomas Jurco picked up his iPhone and dialled home to Slovakia. “I already called my Mom — she was happy,” said Jurco moments after the championship win, amidst a circus of […]


The United Football League’s Sunday gamble

We are guaranteed professional football on Sundays this year, starting in August. And that has nothing to do with the National Football League. At the end of last season, the United Football League announced their intent to play on Sundays in anticipation of a work stoppage in the NFL, a plan they are sticking with […]


Nathan Beaulieu: Drew Doughty 2.0?

Responsible puck-moving defencemen are a dime a dozen in the NHL these days. Not a week goes by during the regular season without the mention of how valuable they are to a team’s breakout, power-play and in-play subtleties. Nathan Beaulieu, a recent Memorial Cup champion and All-Star with the Saint John Sea Dogs, is knocking […]