October 2011


The Pitcher’s Mound in November

Though Major Leaguers themselves may welcome the baseball offseason – its luxuries, freedoms and vacations, for example – fans of the game are left out in the cold in more ways than one. Aside from the winter homes and relaxation, though, what does the time of year have in store for the men who play the game? What about the masses avidly working their way up the minor league ranks?


Griffin Reinhart hones in on NHL Draft

The name Griffin Reinhart is a hard one to forget, especially when it marks an NHL pedigree the spans generations. TheGP Hockey kicks off its 2012 NHL Entry Draft coverage with a thorough account of one of the best defensemen on the market this season. Will Griffin follow in the footsteps of father Paul Reinhart?


Palmer’s homecoming shows Raiders’ win-now philosophy

The Oakland Raiders appeared to have finally found at least modest success when Jason Campbell broke his collarbone earlier this month. Rather than resign to a disappointing fate or struggle with their backup quarterbacks on the roster, the franchise went out and acquired former Cincinnati Bengal Carson Palmer to pick up where Campbell left off. Will the questionable move pay off in the end for an organization desperate to “win now”?


Awaiting results of the Tim Tebow test

The quarterback situation with the Denver Broncos this season has been discussed ad nauseum, and it will continue to dominate the headlines for as long as there remains a debate over who should fill the starter’s role. The most recent shift – away from Kyle Orton and towards Tim Tebow – has one of football’s most anticipated projects at the center of it.


Searching for Steve Bartman

For eight long years Steve Bartman’s silence has echoed throughout Major League Baseball. His infamous decision to reach for a contested foul ball in the eighth inning of a critical Game 6 is all that remains. After all this time, what – if anything – can bring the man out from wherever he’s been hiding since Oct. 13, 2003?