January 2012


Escape from Oakland

The Oakland Athletics have been in a tumultous state for years now, making it hard for fans to decide whether they’re coming or going. The net result is a state of rebuild for Billy Beane’s team, and if this attempt doesn’t work, the next rebuild may be in San Jose.


The Passion Play

Tim Tebow is beyond quarterback. He’s beyond football. He’s a phenomenon. And he’s polarized fans, Christians and pretty much everybody else through his blatant show of religion. Is his following justified, or is this just a flash in the pan that’s destined to pass as quickly as it began?

Other Sports

The Good Point’s best athletes of 2011

Great teams are made up of great players. 2011 saw many of them rise up to the challenge and give us memories that will last a lifetime. Whether that greatness was due to a stat sheet or in incredible story, TheGP’s top writers and editors believe that these athletes deserve to be honored as the best of the year.