February 2012


There’s more to a team than a quarterback

How do you truly define a great athlete? Is it the number of championships won? Exceptional career statistics? An engaging personality? It’s hard to break down who is and who isn’t great objectively. It mostly comes down to personal opinions and team allegiances, which is why Eli Manning, despite two Super Bowl rings, may not yet deserve to be in the elite conversations.


Dirk Hayhurst’s Pursuit of Happiness

DIRK THE TV STAR If Dirk Hayhurst were a TV character, he’d be Abed Nadir from Community. Now before you go all Senor Chang on me, please allow an explanation. There are differences, yes. Dirk isn’t a film major at a community college, although perhaps an argument could be made that Community College are to Universities as the Minor Leagues are to the Majors. He isn’t half-Arab, half-Polish, but with a little imagination there are…


Seattle Supersonics: The NBA on the Move

When the Seattle SuperSonics lost their franchise a few years ago, many fans held on to the dream of a triumphant return of the NBA to King County, WA. With news of trouble in several other markets, this dream may come true sooner than later, but a lot of that is up to the city itself and resolving the issue of a desperately-needed new arena.


The Yi-nsanity Continues

Is it better to have personally and emotionally invested in the prospective success of an unorthodoxly generational hero and lost than to have never done so at all? We take a good hard look at the cultural impact Yi Jianlian has had on the NBA this month. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.


The Kids are Alright

The NHL’s youngest players are having an impact on the league like never before. With the way today’s game is evolving, it’s these rookie and sophomore players who will shape the future of hockey with strong, all-around play and dynamic highlight-reel scoring on a nightly basis.