March 2012


All it took was a bit of Magic

Magic Johnson is the face of a group that have won the bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers. A mere $2 billion later and the team is theirs. Despite the fact that the team won’t make money for years, having a strong – and committed – ownership will benefit the on-field product, and having an experienced owner like Johnson certainly helps.


Riding the quarterback carosel

We’re barely into the NFL offseason, and already there’s been a flurry of activity, specifically at the quarterback position. Almost a quarter of the league’s teams have replaced their field leaders, leaving us with nothing but questions regarding the upcoming 2012 NFL season. The subplots will keep us entertained all summer long.


Cliff Fletcher and his Janitorial Failure

During the Toronto Maple Leafs’ extended stint outside the playoffs, they made a change at General Manager. After John Ferguson Jr. but before Brian Burke, Cliff Fletcher was brought in to clean up the mess. Instead, the interim GM arguably took a bad situation and made it worse, and the Leafs have been stuck in a vicious cycle of failure ever since.


The Former Franchise: Matt LaPorta

The reasons why a top prospect fizzles out can be mystifying and maddening. In the case of Matt LaPorta, the seventh-overall pick of the Brewers in 2007, the upside was a world of potential. The reality was a flame-out who has struggled to keep a steady job with the Cleveland Indians. Why did this happen to the once highly-touted star?


Linsanity vs Carmadness

A few months ago the world was overrun with a case of Linsanity. The story since has come back down to earth, prompted by the unceremonious return of Carmelo Anthony. By comparing the Knicks to the NHL’s Maple Leafs, Mark Milner questions who truly runs the show: the players or the coaches.