April 2012


From Me to You: RGIII

The Washington Redskins selected Robert Griffin III with the second-overall pick in last week’s NFL Draft. Leading up to the selection, many players write letters to potential teams to highlight their qualities and make them more attractive to those GMs. Charles Blouin-Gascon steps into RGIII’s shoes to write one of his own.


NBA Playoff Preview: Round 1

The short NBA season came and went with much fanfare, and now things are officially back to normal as four solid rounds of playoff action begins. Mark Milner is joined by TheGP basketball contributor Travis Nicholson and Editor-in-Chief of TDotLive.com Dwayne Wynter to break down all the first-round action,


The real reason behind the Boston malaise

The city of Boston has enjoyed a few championships lately, yet the fans are hissing in record numbers at the start the Red Sox have got off too. Is this justified, or should the naysayers in Beantown remember what the 84 years prior to 2004 felt like? Despite a pair of championships, the Red Sox have very little to offer in this “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?” world.


War Horse at Madison Square Garden

Despite missing out on a wealth of talent in multiple drafts, the New York Rangers made amends when they inked Girardi in the summer of 2005 as an undrafted free agent. Girardi has become a premier defenseman who, while not a goal-scorer, is a true shutdown blueliner capable of coming up big for his team when he’s needed. Ryan Fulford makes his TheGP debut to explain the legend of Girardi.


The Tank that Lost the Battle

The Toronto Raptors haven’t exactly put together a 2011-12 campaign for the ages, but that doesn’t mean it was all a wash. As the regular season draws to a close fans are left scratching their heads when the club competes for critical wins down the stretch. Any victories, of course, only reduce the franchise’s NBA Draft odds. Are late season wins harmful for lottery-bound teams? Spoiler alert: no.