The Devils’ own: Why Adam Larsson doesn’t belong in New Jersey

Adam Larsson has been on an NHL payroll for less than a year, but already he’s drawing comparisons to Nicklas Lidstrom and competing for a Stanley Cup. What else is there for a 19-year-old to do? Larsson’s New Jersey Devils are an excellent team, but perhaps not the right place for the young rookie. Ryan Fulford explains why.


The silly little idea that could happen

In the wake of Junior Seau’s passing, perhaps it’s time to take a look at where American football at all levels is going. Is the sport too dangerous? Is there enough being done to make sure those participating are healthy long-term, both physically and mentally? The sport is at its most popular, but a rapid decline due to the dangers is not out of the realm of possibilty.


The re-invention of the NBA through the Western Conference Finals

The Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs are playing more than just a Western Conference Finals series. They’re redefining the NBA as we know it. With star power bursting from both sides, there’s a real changing of the guard taking place, and it’s happening in markets you would least expect.


Smith vs Newton: The battle for the best quarterback

When 49ers QB Alex Smith recently took shots at Panthers QB Cam Newton recently, it sparked a debate much larger than who is the better of the two. Instead, people are focusing on just what makes a great quarterback in the first place? Is it team wins or impressive personal statistics? The answer may help decide which QB you’d rather have on your team.


Lost in the Stack: What Jerry Stackhouse means to our generation

Jerry Stackhouse is an aspiring NBA coach nearing the end of a long and eventful career. Will it be his experience playing with a young Allen Iverson, spearheading a revolution with the Detroit Pistons, sharing time on the wing with an aging Michael Jordan or playing in the NBA Finals with the Dallas Mavericks that will help him most as he transitions from on the court to the sidelines? The man’s got history.


Breaking down the REAL Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have been far more successful lately than most thought possible, considering their extended history. However, they’ve done it for a lot of reasons contrary to those you hear talked about. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler debunks the myths and presents the facts that truly make up the, *ahem*, American League powerhouse.


Scout’s Honor: A Thankless Profession

The life of an NHL scout is a thankless one, to say the least. Long hours on the road and few people know your name. When you find a diamond in the rough, the spotlight falls on someone else. When you find Alexander Daigle, well, look it up. It takes more than just the love of the game for a person to decide that the scout’s life is for him, and Ryan Fulford explains why.


Relegation: how college football could change from rewarding politics to rewarding merit

It would take forever to break down the inequities of the college football landscape. But you gotta start somewhere, right? As things stand now, the quality of a team from year-to-year matters little. Instead, history and politics reign supreme. Is it time for the NCAA to re-think what they’re doing?


Veeck — As in Wreck (1962)

Bill Veeck was as controversial as they come. Known for his antics and using the loopholes in MLB’s rules, Veeck did anything and everything he could to give his team an advantage. His tell-all book Veeck as in Wreck has stood the test of time, and even gives us an idea of how the man himself would respond to today’s game.


Washington’s unexpected secret weapon

The “student has become the master” adage holds truer for no left-handed pitcher more than Gio Gonzalez. After being a prospect traded to Oakland for a big name player, he grew to become an All-Star and was then shipped off as the big name to Washington last winter. Now, he’s in a position to emerge as one of baseball’s better pitchers and is in a perfect market to do it.