December 2015


Danilo Gallinari and Denver’s Nuggets of Hope

The Denver Nuggets haven’t done much in terms of establishing themselves as either movers or shakers in the Western Conference, but that doesn’t mean their 2015-16 campaign – a year  of transition, though lined with promise – has been for naught. Through the first month of the regular season, the franchise has shown that they boast no shortage of valuable commodities. How those puzzle pieces all fit together, however, is a different story. Just last season…


C.J. McCollum and Portland’s Next Generation

Nobody knew quite what to expect out of the Portland Trail Blazers this season, with the exception, perhaps, that one could have reasonably expected to at least expect the unexpected. Such is life, we can all agree, when a veteran team that had defied expectations for several seasons goes sadly but swiftly the way of nature, imploding in upon itself like a dying star. The Blazers were a force in the Western Conference from 2013 to 2015,…


Clint Capela’s Stock Rising in Houston

The train of efficient power forwards and centers that have played for Daryl Morey’s Rockets is a long one, but of those intriguing bigs, the latest and perhaps most exciting of the bunch is Clint Capela. The 21-year-old came out of nowhere during Houston’s playoff run last season, establishing himself as a defensive asset worthy of quality minutes under the spotlight of a postseason series against the eventual champions. Not bad. Such past postseason heroics…