January 2016


Kent Bazemore’s ATL Ascension

A year ago last week, Kent Bazemore‘s Sports.ws analysis was updated. If Bazemore played more minutes he might be worth a speculative add, but he doesn’t seem to be in the running for a bigger role in Atlanta any time soon. -Jan. 7, 2015 Whether the vague and relatively inconsequential remark was right or wrong comes down to how you want to dissect it, but there’s no disagreement that the general sentiment of it is that of…


Classic Collapse in Eighth Annual Scaringi Battle

(Photo: Nadia Gugliotta)  It was Jekyll & Hyde Saturday night at the Gale Centre, as what looked to be a nail-biter turned into a collapse of epic proportions. On January 2nd, 2016, in his first year as Captain, Richard Jr. led the White Team to a record-breaking victory by a score of 24-15 in the 8th instalment of the annual holiday pick-up contest, the Scaringi Winter Classic. In a losing effort, defending champion Joey saw his…