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Calling the shots

There’s nothing more grand in baseball than a home run, which is why the art of the “home run call” for baseball broadcasters is a point of creativity, spontananeity and, sometimes, pride. How the broadcaster describes the big fly ball remains ingrained in our memories, and each subsequent homer adds to the lore, which forces each broadcaster to be unique in the way he or she immortalizes the call.

Hall of Fame

Forming a union for the feeder leagues in Canada

The member clubs of the Canadian Hockey League have been working diligently for over a year to put together a players’ association – all behind the back of CHL Commissioner David Branch. How does this kind of move affect the relationship between the players and the owners? Will we soon be seeing teenagers regularly making six figures a year?


Building a “big three” in the NBA

Building a “big three” such as those found in Miami, Oklahoma City and now Los Angeles requires money and a desirable location for all-star-caliber players. Recent history has shown that teams with more than one go-to guy have been wildly more successful than those without, and PJ Carr proves it.


Roy Oswalt: Re-learning the game at Triple-A

When the Texas Rangers brought castoff pitcher Roy Oswalt into the fold and sent him to Triple-A for some grooming, many people scratched their heads. With a starting rotation as good as Texas’, what were they going to do with an aging righty? However, look closer at the numbers and you’ll see that Oswalt’s abilities may be more necessary than expected. Josh Doan breaks it down.

Hall of Fame

The NHL’s Most Respected Player

Nicklas Lidstrom is arguably the most respected man to play in the NHL. His trophy case is as long as anyone’s, and many of the records he holds will stand for decades. With his recent retirement, who’s next in line for that honor? Tim Kolupanowich takes a look at some of the gentlemen-in-waiting, hoping to become the successors to Lidstrom’s title.