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2014 Scaringi Winter Classic

Preview Untie Me Please! Saturday, 12.27.2014 / 6:13 PM NIAGARA FALLS, ON – The White & Dark squads will each be gunning for a victory as they square off at the Gale Centre for their traditional holiday tilt, the 7th annual Scaringi Winter Classic. Manned by a pair of brand-new Captains, each club will have […]


Steve Nash: The Long Goodbye

As long as I’ve been watching the NBA, it’s been a NBA with Steve Nash. I realize that’s not a long time. But I’m not an old person. For years Nash has been a thrill to watch. His Dallas teams tore things up in the playoffs and him and Dirk had some of the best […]


Betting tips on the MLB season

Max Scherzer

It’s very much early days yet in the 2013/14 MLB season, but this is no barrier to the arguments and betting about which sides will win the American and National Leagues, or the World Series – indeed many of those debates started virtually as soon as the last season ended.


If you can’t beat the SEC… join them?

Johnny Manziel

The endless years of NCAA realignment discussion seem to have died down for the moment, and the SEC has come out on top. That’s not surprising. The conference has been the dominant NCAA football power for most of the last decade, winning the last seven BCS championships, and that success arguably carried over to the realignment realm, where they didn’t lose anyone and added two impressive schools in Texas A&M and Missouri. Considering how disastrously realignment went for many, that’s not bad at all.


Mississauga Humane Society – 2013 Starlight Soiree

Looking to purchase more than one individual ticket for the Mississauga Humane Society Starlight Soiree on July 19th? Tickets 1 Ticket – $40.00 CAD2 Tickets – $80.00 CAD3 Tickets – $120.00 CAD4 Tickets – $160.00 CAD5 Tickets – $200.00 CAD6 Tickets – $240.00 CAD7 Tickets – $280.00 CAD8 Tickets – $320.00 CAD9 Tickets – $360.00 […]


Classic Controversy

Arguably, it was the best one yet. Unquestionably, it was the most controversial. On December 22nd, 2012, at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls, the Scaringis gathered for the fifth edition of the annual “Scaringi Winter Classic”. In what was a particularly exciting, fast-paced and tightly-contested hockey game, league officials had to step in a […]


What “Concussions and our Kids” says about a crucial issue facing sports

Dr. Robert Cantu is a leading neurosurgeon and an expert when it comes to concussions and sports. His book, “Concussions and our Kids,” provides a thorough analysis of the problem and offers possible solutions for sports-related concussions – or at least ways to mitigate them, and does so through detailed explanations and examples. Trust us, it’s worth your time.


Roberts and Roest building a healthier future

Gary Roberts, an NHL veteran with 1,354 games to his credit, missed the entire 1996-97 season due to injury. That prompted him to successfully investigate a way to get himself healthy, which led to his post-NHL work with the Fitness Institute, where he helps young players prepare for the rigors of being a top athlete in any sport.


Palmer’s homecoming shows Raiders’ win-now philosophy

The Oakland Raiders appeared to have finally found at least modest success when Jason Campbell broke his collarbone earlier this month. Rather than resign to a disappointing fate or struggle with their backup quarterbacks on the roster, the franchise went out and acquired former Cincinnati Bengal Carson Palmer to pick up where Campbell left off. Will the questionable move pay off in the end for an organization desperate to “win now”?


Differential disappointment: Diagnosing St. Louis’ slump

The St. Louis Rams may not have been pegged as early Super Bowl favorites, but coming off an impressive 2010 campaign and with Sam Bradford looking to follow up an outstanding rookie year, the 0-4 hole they find themselves in is unacceptable. TheGP Football’s Andrew Bucholtz, along with Ramblin Fan’s Justin Stine get to the bottom of it.